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Industrial Engineering

Experience is key to the success of any project. Therefore, to take advantage of the experience of our senior staff and technical resources of the company, Pennco Engineering Ltd. has recently added services in Industrial Engineering to compliment those already offered. Our experience is varied and includes projects such as a building condition study, building condensation study, chiller replacement, fire protection study, and others. By being versatile we can assist with or take on many special projects that do not fall into traditional engineering categories. When required, we work with reputable sub-consultants that have expertise in specialized areas and can supply services to compliment our own.

We offer our services on the following types of Industrial Engineering projects:

  • Site Selection and Development;
  • Site Excavation and Grading;
  • Construction Camps;
  • Plant and Site Services;
  • Fire Protection Services; and
  • Utility Supply and Distribution.

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